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Story - Tufnell Park N19 Places to Visit

Tufnell Park N19 Places to Visit
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Tufnell Park N19 is located at the crossroads of Kentish Town and Archway. It is not a place to be overlooked due to its wide selection of hip hangouts, such as classic British bars, cozy bakeries, and eclectic dining spots. Tufnell Park is a compact, peaceful, in-between neighborhood.

Tufnell Park is the spot for casual viewers – close enough to all the action without having to get busy – sandwiched between the leafy rural life of Hampstead, with its heath and cafe scene and the edgier, up-and-coming Holloway. The area has drawn a host of famous faces, from celebrities to British politicians, due to its laid-back social scene and neighborhood charm. For a visit to this part of North London, read this guide to the best place in the area:

Lord Palmerston:

It is so relaxing vibes make The Lord Palmerston a perfect pub. Its Victorian-inspired decor has a little touch of modernity, but you can always appreciate a cozy log fire in the winter and the secret beer garden tucked away at the rear.

Shaolin Temple:

Shaolin Temple is a martial arts school and research center for Shaolin culture, specifically Gong Fu-Ch'an and Qi Gong. It is also the center of Buddhist meditation, and undoubtedly, it is worth visiting it.

Boston Music Room:

For your dose of live music, Boston Music Room is an ideal place to visit in Tufnell Park N19. The venue features both local up-and-coming artists and more established faces on its busy schedule during the year. If you enjoy hip hop or rock music, you should expect a diverse musical performance at this venue. Boston Music Room has seen the likes of The White Stripes and Blur come through its doors since it opened in the 1980s.

Street life and dining's:

Tufnell Park is a beautiful place to live because it has beautiful local parks, stores, cafes, restaurants, and a weekly food market, and great local pubs. Some of the well-known food attractions are:

• Café Bear + Wolf

• East-West, a pizzeria bringing together the flavors from Italy and India with a difference

• Ruby Violet, an independent brand that makes small-batch, handmade ice creams and sorbets in an infinite variety of flavor combos.

• KKINI, a place for Korean barbecue food that mixes bold and vibrant flavors

Here in Tufnell Park N19, there is no shortage of a plethora of casual hangouts and ethnic cuisine.